“Fireburn” is a Caribbean History first person narrative game that artistically explores socioeconomic, political, human rights, feminist, and ancestry topics pertaining to the 1878 Fireburn Slave Revolt on St. Croix.

In the game, you play as the descendant of Queen Mary, one of the three “Rebel Queen” leaders of the October 1st 1878 Fireburn slave revolt on St. Croix. You are tasked with finding items that link you to past events inspired by factual court cases from the 1800 Danish West Indies between slaves and slave owners.

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I worked as a 3D artist for the game, creating props and hero assets.  I handled the models from start to finish, modeling, UVing, and texturing, sending progress pictures of each step to the Art Director for approval.  Tasks were assigned on a weekly basis, and the team used a modified version of the Agile methodology.  The game will be funded by an upcoming kickstarter, and development will continue through 2017.

Programs used: Blender, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4.

First Person Character Hand

I was tasked with editing the existing model for the character’s hands.  A base model was provided and from there I created the high poly with added details.  I redid the UVs and created a better material for the hand in Substance Painter.

First Person Character Hand Process

Conch Shell Hero Asset

The conch shell will be one of the key items that the player can pick up and inspect, therefore, it needed to look exceptional and extremely detailed.

Conch Process

Coral Reef Environment Kit

One level in the game has the character walk above the seafloor.  These models needed to be varied and interesting enough to be able to piece together a coral reef.  I would have liked to have included more types of coral seen in the image provided, but the time constraints were short, and I did not have time.

Coral Kit Process

Lantern Hero Asset

This is the model for the lantern that the character will carry throughout the game.  It has a door and a latch that are separate, movable pieces so that the candle can be placed inside.  There is a small loop on top of the lantern so that the chain in the revised reference image can be attached once the chain is rigged and ready to go.

Lantern Process

Mirror Asset

This mirror was made to be used in the background of an old, interior room.  I also made a variation of this model using the same UV sheet, as the director requested it be split in half to be used as a bed frame as well.

Mirror Process

Student and Teacher’s Desk Assets

These desks were made for an interior classroom environment.  The repeated desks will have variation in their materials through the use of decals.

Student and Teacher’s Desk Process

Canoe Asset

This canoe was created to be an approximation of the boats that were used to transport slaves in the Caribbean.  It was textured to look as though it had been abandoned and unused for many years.

Canoe Process