Game Jams

Game jams are short game-making events in which a person or team is given a small amount of time to create a game.  Often, the game jams provide a theme for the project to be built around.  Global Game Jam in particular gives teams 48 hours to create a game based around the theme of the year.  I have participated in three previous game jams.  The games created are all very rough and unfinished, but to me, game jams are more about the experience than the (un)finished product.  I had great experiences meeting and working with new people each time, and while our games may not have always worked out, I would participate in each jam all over again if given the choice.

Local Disposal Locator – EarthxHack 2018

EarthxHack is a 24 hour hackathon that takes place in Dallas, TX. I worked alongside 2 programmers in a team of 3 to create a prototype webapp that displays all types of disposal locations near a user-inputted location. The focus was to create a program to help educate people on how and where to dispose of waste properly.  I handled all art and design of the app, including wireframes, color palettes, a mock up, logo, and presentation.

And The Mountain – Global Game Jam 2016

The third game jam I participated in during my third year of college. I was primarily a modeler, while also creating concepts during the early stages. This game was very focused on narrative. You play as a young girl on a journey to the altar on a mountaintop. On your journey, you face several environmental hazards such as gusts of wind, and must find items to clear the path to the top.

Do Robot Hearts Beep? – Global Game Jam 2015

This was my second game jam. As this was my second year in college, I had a basic understanding of programs like Maya and Photoshop, and was able to create basic assets for the game. This project fared much better and we were able to create a simple game. You play as a small robot who must explore an abandoned factory in search of a way to restart production. Your range of exploration is limited by the amount of power stored in your battery, so you are limited to travelling between recharging stations.

She’s Not There – Global Game Jam 2014

This was my first game jam. At the time, I was in my first year of college and I knew nothing of the process of making games or any of the involved software. Our team had a rough time during the jam, and as a result, the final game was not functional. The premise was that a child awoke in their room at night and had to try to find their mother in their house. The house’s appearance had been affected by the child’s dreams and imagination, thus making it perilous for the child to walk around. In one room the floor had become lava, another room had been flipped upside down, and the staircase had frightening arms reaching from the walls attempting to grab the child. While the game itself was a failure, I had a great time working with my team, and feel it was a wonderful way to be introduced to the art of making games.